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TRB RC 1/8 Si3N4 Grade 5 Ceramic Diff Differential Balls (12) Pan Car

SKU 1-8-Si3N4-TRBRC-100235

UPC: 819637020028
MPN: TRB-100235
Model: 1/8 Si3N4 Ceramic Balls
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TRB RC 12ea 1/8" Si3N4 Ceramic Grade 5 Ball.

Commonly Used In Radio Control Hobby Applications Such as Ball Differential in Dirt Oval
Direct Drive Cars and On Road Pan Cars.

Part # TRB-100235
Part SKU# 1-8-Si3N4-TRBRC-100235

The Characteristic of Ceramic Balls

Compared with steel, ceramic materials are noted for their better or particular characters, such as wear-resistance, corrosion resistance,
high temperature resistance, electrical insulation (except SiC), non-magnetic, high strength, high rigidity, and low specific gravity. These
properties qualify them for replacing steel to make bearings serve in conditions of higher speed, harsh environment and less lube, and
decrease wear, noise, vibration and maintenance time of bearings, and eventually increase performance, reliability and life of bearings.

Ceramic materials, which can be used in making bearings, include mainly silicon nitride, ZrO2, alumina (Al2O3), and silicon carbide .
Si3N4 is first choice within the above mentioned ceramic materials due to its excellent characters (Table 1). And a properly engineered
silicon nitride bearing ball fails in the same manner as a steel ball, flaking of the ball surface. But ZrO2, Al2O3 and SiC fail in a crush form,
a catastrophic failure.